Saturday, September 13, 2014

Shanghai Beginnings & Favorite Striped Tees

Greetings from Shanghai!

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I am studying away this semester in China. I wanted to learn more about the various cultures, law system and business environment. I also am planning to visit several other Asian countries, including Japan, Taiwan and Singapore on the holidays and during weekends. 

During the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival long weekend, I traveled to Xi Tang, which is an hour outside of Shanghai. It is a beautiful ancient river town. People travel around the town using the river as a road, but there are paths within the town and historic museums there too. My (very distant) uncle was kind enough to treat me as part of his family for three days as we dined in Shanghai and toured Xi Tang to celebrate the holiday. The family also brought me to the Shanghai Museum to look at ancient calligraphy, porcelain and paintings. It's moments like these where I feel overwhelmed with awe at people's generosity and openness. 
Ann Taylor striped tee, Forever 21 shorts, Vince Camuto flats,
Old Navy striped tote, cheapo sunglasses free from my school
I prepared an extremely minimalist wardrobe for my semester abroad, in anticipation for heavy travel and new purchases. I brought this striped tee as well as my other one from the previous post. What can I say? I'm really embracing "classic" style lately. 

The Old Navy bag was from four seasons ago! It's still one of my favorite purchases in terms of price, style and even quality. I recall it being less than $15 and even though the material is thin, it has lasted quite a while. The straps are not leather, so I may eventually get them replaced since the color has begun to peel this summer. I unfortunately have no pictures of it shown completely, but it's also featured in this post, if you'd like to take a look!
How Xi Tang made buttons in ancient times!
I also explored Shanghai with my study abroad friends. Beyond the famous Nanjing Road, we went to Xintiandi, which is a European-style shopping and tourist area. Unlike New York City, the subway system closes around 11pm in Shanghai and most of the city "sleeps", so I have to plan my evening tours more wisely. 

Beyond exploring, I'm anticipating a great semester filled with new friends, learning experiences and recipes. Have a great week!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nautical Summer Afternoon Outfit

H&M shirt (similar, similar), Banana Republic Hampton pant (on sale!), Audrey Brooke sandals (old), vintage bag from Mom
Hi everyone! I'm currently away in Shanghai right now but had this last post to share from my time in New Jersey. 

This outfit is your typical striped tee and cropped pants look that I've been loving. Two of my favorite tops are both striped tees- this one and a black & white, full-sleeved version. They are just the perfect balance between casual and put-together. I actually love both so much that I'm now in the market for a short-sleeved or tank top version with wider stripes. I've noticed my wardrobe has become more streamlined over the past year, which I'm quite happy with!

I went to the mall to run errands before my flight, but ended up stopping by Banana Republic for a quick peek. I found these Hampton pants on sale in my size and couldn't resist! Current price online $69.99 and does not have the navy color, but there is black, white and beige.

I definitely plan blogging in China, hopefully with new inspiration, so stay tuned.
Have a great week!

Friday, August 15, 2014

NJ Food Adventures: Banana Bread, Bubble Tea & Macaroons & IFB Feature

These past few weeks, I've been exploring new restaurants and experimenting with recipes. 

Earlier this month, I visited a new restaurant right by the Jersey shore. It's called Teresa's Osaka Asian Bistro. I went with my parents and brother to enjoy sushi, beef and other delicious entrees.
 New Jersey Food Adventures: Banana Bread, Bubble Tea & Macaroons
 New Jersey Food Adventures: Banana Bread, Bubble Tea & Macaroons
New Jersey Food Adventures: Banana Bread, Bubble Tea & Macaroons
Next, I had some fun baking, shaking and all around food making (;
(The "shaking" came as part of the bubble tea recipe. )
 New Jersey Food Adventures: Banana Bread, Bubble Tea & Macaroons
 I always use this recipe for banana bread, and it consistently turns out perfect. It's not too sweet and looks appetizing with the loaf shape. It also has very simple and few ingredients, which makes it my go-to for picnics and Friday group treats at work. 
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